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xml portfolio photographer website v4

xml portfolio photographer website v4 - click for preview
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Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
xml portfolio - photographer website


advance xml menu and layout

- XML based navigation menu
- you can change roll over and roll out colours via XML file for menu
- This navigation can support external link to a website
- logo can be changed via XML file. Loaded from external folder.[jpg, gif, png or swf]
- all backgrounds are loaded from external folder using xml. You can specify thumbs color in XML file
- In addition to JPG, GIF and PNG, Now Support SWF files as Background. So you can easily add embeded video
- support xml MP3 Player. All songs are loaded via XML file

HTML Content Page - CSS Formated

- HTML Content page can load HTML text which can easily be formated via CSS
- This page can support scroll bar
- Scroll bar auto hides if total text height is less then the content area
- This HTML text can Support Images as well. via image tag used in HTML
- This page can load an external image on the right of the text
- Although you can load image inside text but this is a good representation of text and image
- In image area you can load [ JPG, GIF, PNG, or SWF ]

XML News Module

- Support unlimited News Items and Categories [ as long as it can fit on the screen ]
- You can title any thing for the category
- Text is HTML and CSS formated, Using "CDATA" so text can support hyperlinks and Images

advance XML Image Gallery - Portfolio Module

- This awesome gallery can support unlimited categories
- Each category can support unlimited images or swf files. Support JPG, GIF, PNG and SWF files
- You can modify photo thumb, large image url via XML file
- Text is HTML and CSS formated, Using "CDATA" so text can support hyperlinks and Images


- If you want to add another page to this template then this is the part for you where you can add your own modified and produced SWF file

- All text is HTML and CSS formated
- text is loaded via XML file and can support scroll bar
- contact form is PHP supported


- This template comes with a very well explaind HELP file
- everything is well organised
- all code is well commented
- library items are well organised

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