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Listing requirements and guidelines

Only submit good quality files, without bugs or problems. Make sure you test your files correctly before uploading them.

Recommended swf preview width is 600px or less, in order to fit correctly in the site layout without being scaled down.

For PHP or other scripts that cannot actually run on the site (for security and resurces usage purposes), we recommend that you setup the preview on your own website and when submitting the listing, set the "preview mode" to be "url" and enter your preview url. Just make sure our visitors do not leave our site, the preview should only contain the script demo and no menu buttons, links, etc.

For graphics, icons, etc you might want to set preview mode to "image", and upload this preview image. The preview image is watermarked by default, you can remove watermark on "edit listing" page by clicking "remove watermark" under the preview image.

Provide a complete description of the file features and options. This will also help you reach more visibility in search results.

Set your "recommended price" to be not higher than on other stock sites, based on our our best price policy.

We recommend that you encode and obfuscate your preview swf with swf encryption tools so that others cannot decompile your preview files.
Also, you might want to set some feature limitations in your preview version of the swf file.

Do not upload files that are made for self promotion or files promoting a web site or a product.

Listing content and its description must be in English so that everyone can understand it.

Do not upload files that communicate with other domains in any way (for security reasons).

Do not upload files with links to external web sites or with URL of external web sites written in the files. Links to external web sites cannot be mentioned in file description eider.

Inside the preview we cannot accept files that use server script code like PHP, ASP, ColdFusion and similar server scripting; the full (purchased version) of the file can contain PHP, ASP, etc but not the preview.

Do not upload files with copyrighted content, in case of copyright issues we reserve the right to block the author's earnings until the issues are clarified; and possibly deleting user's account, depending on how clear and how serious the copyright problems are.